These Thai Developed Games Prove Industry is Growing

When it comes to a flourishing business in Thailand, you only need to look towards the tech world to see that the gaming industry is blossoming exceptionally well.

The amount of people who now enjoy gaming in the country continues to grow annually with there, apparently, now being four out of ten Thais naming the activity as one of their top five entertainment hobbies, according to data collected by a Newzoo global games market report in 2021.

This resulted in there being 32 million eager gamers, who have managed to generate the Thai games market with over a billion dollars of revenue in just a single year.

The most popular titles gamers enjoy playing in Thailand are currently ones that are made overseas, with multiplayer mobile games like RoV: Arena of Valor, proving particularly in demand. Also online casino games are jumping in popularity, with companies such as delivering the goods with their Thai language page, which handily lists the best online gambling sites in Thailand.

They even detail everything players need to know to gamble online safely in the country, whilst also showcasing fantastic bonuses and promotions when users sign-up, including free spins and cash-back offers.

However, in exhilarating news, there are more and more games being produced by companies actually situated here inside Thailand, illustrating how the local gaming industry will continue to expand in size. We thought what better way to celebrate this, than to showcase our top picks of Thai developed games that you should definitely seek out.

Earth Atlantis

Picking up a controller and playing this wonderful game is like submerging yourself into a beautiful work of art. Earth Atlantis was released in late 2017, by small indie studio Pixel Perfex, onto multiple formats, including; PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

This aquatic-based game is a 2D side-scrolling shooter that has you taking control of a submarine as you have to navigate your way through the waters of a post-apocalyptic world. You must hunt down many sea-monsters using the map provided, battling your way through hazardous oceanic mazes.

The unique art-style of the game is based on old sketching maps from the 14th century, coating everything with a sepia tone, meaning it really feels like you’re exploring all the nooks and crannies of a mystical adventure. These simple but exquisite graphics, partnered with brilliant gameplay, won the game multiple awards and many fans. Well, the good news is that Pixel Perfex announced recently that they’re currently working on a sequel for this great game.


Developers Urnique Studio released this breakthrough stealth puzzle adventure game in 2020. Timelie was the first game produced by the independent video games studio, who are also involved in mobile application and software development. It was first released onto Mac and PC, and then later onto the Nintendo Switch.

The story centres on a young girl, who along with her trusty pet cat, are lost in an otherworldly abstract realm, and it’s your responsibility to guide them home. Luckily, you also get gifted a device that allows you to manipulate time. So, you have to use your timeshifting skills to overcome brain-teasing puzzles and get your characters to safety.

The game was a definite success, and it’s easy to see why, as it’s a technical masterpiece, with magnificent gameplay mechanics and bright and engaging graphics that add to the world’s surrealism. After all, the combination of good graphics and gameplay is needed for success in gaming, as we previously detailed here at Thailand Business News.

Home Sweet Home

Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Then this next game might not be for you. Home Sweet Home was first released on PC in late 2017, before it finally found its way onto the PS4 and Xbox One, a year later. Developed by Yggdrazil Group, the studio was established in 2006, first focussing on producing visual effects for adverts on TV, before branching out into movie animation, and then finally evolving into video game development, with Home Sweet Home being their first release.

It’s a first-person survival horror that is laced with puzzle elements. The story takes place over two episodes and begins when your character, named Tim, wakes up in a seriously creepy unknown apartment building. If you manage to escape from this nightmare, you awaken in Tim’s actual house, with his wife missing.

From there, it’s all about piecing together the mystery of why his wife has disappeared, by putting together clues that you find around your surroundings. Oh yeah, and how could we forget about hiding from all the terrifying ghosts that are chasing after you, which are interestingly all based on local Thai folklore.

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