Youth unemployment hits new highs in Thailand due to COVID-19 restrictions

BANGKOK, Thailand (ILO news) – Joblessness among young men and women in Thailand has reached a level unseen in recent years due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new brief from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

ASEAN’s Healthcare Sector: New Opportunities After COVID-19

ASEAN countries are slowly committing to universal healthcare systems and these national health insurance systems have become a key driver in changing the behavior of ASEAN populations towards health.

Bank of Thailand (BOT) to help Multi-Creditors Businesses Lessen Their Debt Burdens

The program aims to provide a mechanism for multi-creditors businesses to lessen their debt burdens and support coordination among multiple creditors.

Bank of Thailand (BOT) reaffirms commercial banks’ financial health

Thailand’s commercial banks are financially sound and are able to withstand any economic impact from the pandemic, Bank of Thailand (BoT) Deputy Governor Ronadol Numnonda said

Global value chains: risk mitigation to reduce dependence on China

Risk mitigation will lead to reduced dependence on China in global value chains, and diversification will benefit ASEAN, but localisation of production will have negative effects for ASEAN producers

BOI reports higher FDIs in Thailand as medical investments surge

Japan ranked first with 99 projects worth 22.6 billion baht, representing 30% of the total FDI value. China came in second with 95 projects worth 17.5 billion baht, followed by Singapore.

Thai economy improved in June says Bank of Thailand

In June 2020, the Thai economy improved from the previous month due to the gradual relaxation of lockdown measures both in Thailand and abroad, supporting economic activities to resume operations

Thailand’s financial system more vulnerable, says BoT

The Thai financial system has become more vulnerable due to the more-than-expected contraction of the economic outlook in light of the COVID-19 situation, said Bank of Thailand’s (BoT)