On Tuesday afternoon, a Chinese tourist and a woman from Myanmar were killed at a shopping mall in Bangkok. The perpetrator, a teenager with a mental problem, used a modified BB gun in the attack.

Key Takeaways

  • A Chinese tourist and a woman from Myanmar were killed, and five others injured, in a shooting incident at a shopping mall in Bangkok by a teenager with a modified BB gun.
  • The suspected gunman had a mental problem and had stopped taking his prescribed medication, leading to hallucinations and erratic behavior.
  • The shooting incident is expected to have a negative impact on tourism in Thailand, particularly among Chinese tourists who already have concerns about their safety in the country.

Five others were injured, with three in serious condition. The suspect had not been taking his medication and was suffering from hallucinations. Police are investigating the motive and the suspect’s age. A search of his house revealed more ammunition and training material on his phone.

The shooting is expected to negatively impact tourism, particularly from Chinese visitors who already have concerns about their safety in Thailand.

The Chinese Embassy in Bangkok has confirmed that one Chinese national was killed and another injured in a shooting at Siam Paragon shopping mall. The embassy immediately activated its emergency protocols and is coordinating with Thai authorities. The Thai Prime Minister and Foreign Minister expressed their condolences and promised to expedite the investigation and enhance safety measures for Chinese tourists.

Thailand, which relies heavily on tourism, especially from China, welcomed more than 10 million Chinese visitors each year before the Covid-19 pandemic. Figures that Bangkok’s new government is desperately trying to recover at the moment, including by removing visa fees for Chinese tourists from September 26 for 5 months.

The Tourism Council of Thailand acknowledged that the incident will impact tourism in the short term and called for improved public safety. Siam Paragon mall expressed condolences and will provide compensation and cover medical expenses. The National Human Rights Commission urged media caution in sharing information about the suspect, who is a minor, to protect their privacy rights.

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