Disbursement of Bt10,000 digital money may be delayed until September. a specific application may be used instead. High-income earners may be excluded. Developing a new application may be scrapped. Former finance minister claims the scheme is unsustainable.

Disbursement of Bt10,000 Digital Money May Be Delayed Until Next September

The disbursement of Bt10,000 digital money under the “digital wallet” scheme may face delays until next September, according to Pichai Chunhavajira, an advisor to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin. Instead of developing a new application, the “pao tang” application will be used for the distribution.

Adjustments to Eligibility and Potential Exclusion of “High-Income Earners”

During a forum on the “Various Opinions on the Digital Wallet Scheme,” Pichai stated that the original idea of providing a one-time Bt10,000 benefit to all Thais aged 16 and over will need adjustments. There is a possibility that those considered “high-income earners” may be excluded from the scheme to ensure it effectively stimulates the economy.

Considerations for Scrapping the Use of Blockchain Technology

Pichai further mentioned that the development of a new application using blockchain technology for money distribution may be discarded due to high costs and time requirements. The “pao tang” application, previously used during the COVID pandemic, is being considered as an alternative. However, parliamentary review and approval may cause a delay in the distribution until next September.

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