Thailand ranks as the best country to have recovered from COVID-19 in Asia, and ranks second among 184 countries recovering successfully from COVID-19 worldwide.

The rankings were conducted on June 11 by PEMADU Associates in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MOSTI) of Malaysia and the Sunway group, which used a big data analysis system to find out how well each country had responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

70% of the score comes from the fatalities from COVID-19 in each country as a proportion of the population, and the remaining 30% comes from the scores from Global Health Security (GHS), initiated and developed by John Hopkins University, to assess the readiness of each country to cope with the pandemic.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha thanked all Thai people for their discipline, strength, patience and effort to prevent the spread of the viral epidemic.

Ranking of Countries by Recovery Index

  1. Australia
  2. Thailand
  3. Denmark
  4. Taiwan
  5.  South Korea
  6. New Zealand
  7. Lithuania
  8.  Latvia
  9. Slovenia
  10. Iceland
  11. Malaysia
  12. Switzerland
  13. Vietnam
  14. Norway
  15.  Slovakia
  16.  Germany
  17.  Austria
  18.  Luxembourg
  19.  Finland
  20. Croatia

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The following key dynamic parameters contributes 70% of the Severity Index:

  • Confirmed Cases per Population
    This parameter is intended to ensure cases are seen in relative to the size of each country
  • Proportionate Death Rate due to COVID-19
    This parameter takes into consideration the crude death rates of each country and factors its population size, and then compares this to the death rates due to COVID-19 since the first case was reported in the country. This gives a true reflection of how death rates are being affected by COVID-19 in these countries.

The remaining 30% consist of static scores derived from the Global Health Security Index (GHS), an initiative led by the Johns Hopkins University that was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The GHS was developed to assess a country’s readiness to cope and handle any epidemic.

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