Foreign applications for investment up 53% in first quarter

Private-sector confidence has improved as could be witnessed by a significant increase in the number of projects seeking investment promotions, 53 per cent to 582 in the first four months

US investment in China down 28% as FDI grew double-digit

US investment from January to April decreased to $1.03 billion and the number of US firms setting up in China also fell by 3.85 percent to 475. In contrast, European Union investment rose by 23.42 percent to $2.64 billion. Investment from the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, South Korea and Singapore, registered growth of 31.23 percent to $32.88 billion.

Japan may move production base to ASEAN

As Japan realises the extent of the natural disaster, decision-makers are increasingly likely to consider shifting their production bases out of the country, and their potential relocation destinations should be member countries of ASEAN, such as Indonesia where labour wages remain low, and Thailand.

Quake may increase Japanese Investment in Southeast Asia Economies

Many Southeast Asian countries export to Japan. The Japanese market accounts for about 20 percent of Indonesia’s exports and 17 percent of what the Philippines sends abroad, down to smaller amounts from countries including Cambodia, Laos, and Singapore.

Thai-Japanese symposium to boost trade and Investment

Thailand and Japan have been trade partners for over 120 years, with Japan being Thailand’s second most important market after China. Last year, Thai exports to Japan totaled US$20.42 billion, up 11.5 per cent in terms of value.

How Japan disaster will affect Thai economy ?

Damage estimates are up to US$183 billion, amounting to as much as 3 per cent of Japan’s gross domestic product, according to Credit Suisse economist Hiromichi Shirakawa and analysts at Barclays Capital, whereas other experts said the Japanese economy will contract for two straight quarters.

Japanese investment in Thailand unaffected

The recent unforgiving quake and tsunami in Japan will not affect Japanese investment in Thailand worth totally 700 billion baht during the past five years, according to the Japan Extent Trade Organization (JETRO).

Bank of Thailand concerned over Japanese investment

BoT Governor Dr Prasarn Trairatvorakul believed that the Thai economic growth should not be affected much by the catastrophe in Japan based on initial assessment although Thailand and Japan have very close trade and investment.