Most homeowners and real estate investors are always on the lookout for an extra means of making a profit. Whether it be through simple investments or otherwise, having a little extra cash is always a sought after goal.

There is a better way to make an extra income than just by doing mere chores.

Renting out your home to a family is one of the most popular forms of earning money today. It is entirely hassle free and extremely easy to do.

Putting up a house for rent on websites like Property Guru vastly accrues a sizable amount of income. It is also highly recommended by housing experts today. The market has never been better for buying and renting out houses to individuals and families. There are a few things that any potential landlord must keep in mind.

These few tips will show you how to rent out your home or space to others, and to ensure you can make a profit whilst being a responsible homeowner.

Know Your Responsibilities

Although you may be renting out your available space to another individual, the location still legally is in your hands. As a landlord, there are a few responsibilities involved.

The day-to-day operation of the room or house is in the hands of your tenants, but when something major goes wrong, it is your responsibility to fix the problem.

Tenants only like landlords who are responsible and address their concerns in a timely manner.

These duties do not just entail such actions as taking care of broken pipes. Every successful landlord must also ensure accounting is done right. This means making sure your tenants pay their rents on time, and in a consistent manner.

Home insurance is also a necessity to obtain when renting out a space to other individuals, and payments for this policy is also important.

A happy tenant has a responsible landlord, and knowing your responsibilities is essential towards not just keeping a tenant, but also gaining more. As the New York Times states, landlords are seldom rooted to one location, but they should always be on top of matters nonetheless.

Make Your Space Desirable

As renting out of homes and open plots are so popular on the market today, this results in a wide variety of spaces being available to potential tenants.

Staying ahead of your competition is vital. Tenants should be attracted to the location you provide and be satisfied with its arrangements.

This means that quite a few preparations are needed for any room or home is put on the market as available to rent. Ensuring it is tidy and has recent coatings in paint raises its overall market value.

Tenants are also widely attracted by such features as newly placed hardwood flooring and furniture pieces. Although this is not a necessity, it is widely recommended as a key selling tool.

Know How to Advertise

Like the Washington State University states, words have a great importance in the marketing world are so powerful that they can even begin new trends. In our scenario, words are what make things sell.

The power of words in advertising is unimaginable and decides whether a potential consumer makes the decision to invest in a service or product or not.

To rent out your home to the best tenants possible, it is necessary to have great means of advertising. This means using catchy phrases and words that grab someone’s attention and convince them of the necessity of researching what you have to offer.

It is widely recommended for home renters to include attractive phrases in their advertisements. In the professional world, these are often known as catch words, and they truly make all the difference.

Including such words as “state of the art”, or “stainless steel appliances”, and “hardwood flooring”, are some of the best-selling phrases used today in the property market.


Most people wish to make extra income and don’t like to settle for making what can be considered “chump change.”

Renting out your home is one of the most efficient and effective methods of earning some extra cash. In some countries, this method is so popular that buying homes or other locations has almost become a thing of the past.

Renting out your home entails a few essential details. The most important thing is to know your responsibilities as a landlord. Once you understand and research what is necessarily involved, it is then possible to begin your preparation as a successful renter.

By following the key tips mentioned above, you can be on your way to not just renting out your home, but getting the most profit out of this venture.

By redecorating your available room or home into something truly desirable, and using key advertising techniques, you can run a successful and profitable renting service.


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