With its 3rd place spot among the ranking of 48 ‘Top Countries in the World’, Thailand was only one of two Southeast Asian countries to make the top 10, the other being Singapore (4th);

Europe dominated this year’s list of Reader’s Choice Awards winners for the world’s best countries to travel but Thailand managed to secure a spot in the top 10, along with Singapore.

Other winner in region also includes Japan (2nd best) and India, ranked 5th best country in the world.

Thailand scored 90.46, after Portugal (91.22) in first place and Japan (91.17) in second, and ahead of Singapore (90.09) in fourth.

Similarly, Bangkok was only one of two Southeast Asian cities to appear on the list of the 10 ‘Best Cities in the World’. The Thai capital placed in 4th spot with a score of 89.36, after San Miguel de Allende in Mexico (92.94) in 1st spot, Singapore (89.49) in 2nd, and Victoria in Canada (89.46) in 3rd.

On the list of the 10 ‘Top Islands’ in Asia, Ko Samui was named 3rd with a score of 92.13, Phuket was 5th (90.88) and the Phi Phi Islands was 10th (76.41).

Top Countries in the World: Readers’ Choice Awards 2022

Portugal 91.22
Japan 91.17
Thailand 90.46
Singapore 90.09
India 90.01
Greece 89.79
Denmark 89.62
UK 89.12
Italy 89.12
New Zealand 89.01
Spain 88.76
Netherlands 88.65
Ireland 88.53
Croatia 88.33
Morocco 88.23
Sweden 88.11
Sri Lanka 88.01
Israel 87.98
Turkey 87.97
South Africa 87.96
Australia 87.88
Iceland 87.58
Peru 87.4
Colombia 87.25
Finland 87.2
Poland 87.02
Malaysia 86.85
UAE 86.73
Chile 86.72
Philippines 86.66
Costa Rica 86.45
Belize 86.42
Germany 86.39
Malta 86.2
Indonesia 86.03
Mexico 85.99
France 85.42
Argentina 85.28
Switzerland 85.22
Canada 85.19
Austria 84.96
Cambodia 84.9
China 84.63
Jordan 84.11
USA 82.9
Kenya 82.82
Brazil 82.19
Cuba 82.1

There were also five Thai properties included on the list of ‘The Best Hotels in South-east Asia’. These were The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok in 1st place (99.45), Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River in 3rd (99.04), Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok in 5th (98.65), Capella Bangkok in 7th (98.49), and COMO Metropolitan Bangkok in 8th place with a score of 98.20.

Best Islands in Asia

On the list of the 10 ‘Top Islands’ in Asia, Ko Samui was named 3rd with a score of 92.13, Phuket was 5th (90.88) and the Phi Phi Islands was 10th (76.41).

  1. Boracay, Philippines 95.13
  2. Bali, Indonesia 93.9
  3. Koh Samui, Thailand 92.13
  4. Langkawi, Malaysia 90.97
  5. Phuket, Thailand 90.88
  6. Phú Quốc, Vietnam 89.77
  7. Sri Lanka 89.17
  8. Palawan, Philippines 88.99
  9. Okinawa & Ryuku Islands, Japan 83
  10. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand 76.41

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